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Vermilion Group Inc. is the Canada division of Shiyang Group. In 2015, Shiyang Group established the first oversea division in Ontario, Canada, as the primary serve in global development.


As the newest member of Shiyang business alliance, powered by the advanced management business system and well-established intelligent team from HuibangDevelopments, Vermilion is determined to infuse fresh energy into Ontario’s real estatemarket.


With the mission to carry the Shiyang vision forward in Canada, taking advantage of the worldwide resource and advanced business system, Vermilion dedicates in providing high quality residential products and excellent urban living experience to Ontario families. Vermilion’s team of passionate and experienced elites is trusted to transform city space into comprehensive communities designed for variety of families.




Based in Xi’an Shaanxi, the noted historical capital city of China, the economic core of Central-west China and starting point of Belt and Road revitalization strategic plan, Shaanxi Shiyang Group is a national Conglomerate in the lead of agriculture, finance, real estate development, and foods industry in Central-west China.


Founded in 1992, Shiyang Group devotes to create the best quality products and lifestyle with its mission of “build green life, for your better life” in over the 27-year course of development. Starting up as an agricultural enterprise and supplying food products for market scale of Shaanxi province, Shiyang’s culture roots with integrity and reliability. Shiyang has been awarded with “Consumer’s Favorite”, “National Primary Leading brand”, “Trustworthy Provincial Brand”, “AAA-Class Quality Enterprise” and more honored titles. Shiyang’s food products are distributed in most retail stores in China and occupy over 50% of market share in Shaanxi Province. Partnering with major universities and agricultural research institutions, Shiyang is advanced in cultivation and process technology.

With decades of steady development, Shiyang Group now has over 3,260 employees in multiple fields. In 2017, Shiyang Group has generated over 7.6 Billion Chinses Dollars ($1.6 Billion CAD) of sales revenue and was ranked 7th private enterprise in Shaanxi Province. The agriculture biology subsidiary became a public company in the same year.



In 2003, with the strong financial backing of the Group, Huibang developments, the real estate division of Shiyang Group was founded. It has engaged in the full-cycle of residential and commercial, industrial and tourism developments in Shaanxi, from land acquisition, development, construction, property management and maintenance, marketing and sales. It has the class-II qualification for real estate development and the class-II qualification for property management in China.


The total floor area that has been delivered as of 2015 reached 2.3 million Square meters and 3 million Square meters in 2017 annually.



Vermilion Developments is a team of better-home enthusiasts. Our goal is to utilize the vision of global home market and comprehensive networking to create high quality boutique projects with contemporary design. Extreme care for detail and cultural reference is added to every signal project, while livability and sustainability are also guaranteed. We aim at providing proper product to fit various lifestyle for different diversity of families.

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